Cheap and Chic: The Nursery

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby any day now. (I am waiting with anticipation.) This past week mama and dada-to-be put the finishing touches on the nursery. Mama Courtney is a girl after my own heart. She loves the thrill of a good find and can see the beauty in a previously loved and sometimes neglected piece. And she can craft the heck outta anything. I thought I would share a few of the details because this baby room is a lovely example of cheap and chic.

Courtney and Mike put their hard earned dollars into the necessities: crib, storage, and glider. (Oh the hours you two will log in that glider!) But instead of buying straight from a furniture/baby store, Courtney began her search for those necessities with Craigslist. She found the dresser/changetable and nightstand for $80 and a glider for $40. She found the crib and bookshelf (originally Pottery Barn) on a mother’s group classified listing for $65.


Personal touches added to the room were made using family photos and art. Using scrapbooking paper, the framed family photos look fresh and playful.

The artwork was made by Courtney and her girlfriends during a get-together. The artwork pulls together the colour and image themes of the room and, best of all, is personally made by mama and her friends.  

Take-Away Cheap and Chic Tips from Baby K’s Nursery:

  • Begin your search for major furniture pieces and accessories with sites like Craigslist, Kijijji, Freecycle, and any classifieds. (Courtney found a few items in her local mother’s group classifieds.) A bit of elbow grease, paint, and new fabric can transform a scruffy or tired piece into a fresh addition to your room. Do take the time to research recalls – safety first! 
  • When choosing a theme, keep it simple and don’t overload the room with that theme.
  • Add family photos especially if family is across the country/ies (sniff).
  • Get creative. Make your own art for the baby. Not feeling up to the challenge? Find a simple project for your friends to help you with or do for you as a shower gift. Not sure your friends are up to the challenge? Check out artisan prints and goodies at your local handmade shop (ahem…) or on-line (like Etsy).

Here are a few other nursery decor ideas I have come across lately:

A DIY alphabet (Source)

A bulletin board & the child’s name spelled out in vintage flash cards. (Source)

Lots of colour. Lots of pattern. Also note the bunting flags. These are a really simple project that can be made for a shower and then given to the mom for the nursery or made (or bought) by mom and then used for annually for b.d. celebrations. (Source)

Other DIY ideas: fabric art, chalkboards, and pompoms

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